Tungsten and Titanium Wedding Rings

Wedding rings these days usually come in different varieties, sizes, colors and designs. You are spoilt for choices to pick from, for those who usually have a hard time making choices, you are in for one hell of a time when it comes to picking the right wedding ring to buy. There are several lovely options to pick from these days, but the Tungsten wedding ring usually stands out. One of the best material to use in designing a wedding ring is Tungsten. Although, not everyone is comfortable with the use of Tungsten because it differs from other conventional type of wedding rings.

Lots of wedding rings are made using gold, platinum or silver. In most cases you tend to find someone wearing a ring made from one of the aforementioned materials. This does not mean that you should toe the same line if you don’t feel like it. You really don’t have to get yourself all worked up just because you want to get a wedding ring, when there are actually several options available. In the same vain, it wouldn’t make much sense to pick just any ring. It is advisable to always go for the best in terms of quality, and in such cases tungsten wedding rings are a perfect choice.
Titanium wedding bands with wood inlay

New School versus the old school

The traditional old school materials used in making wedding rings are gold and silver. The introduction of tungsten wedding rings, in addition to titanium wedding rings has altered the status quo. A lot of people most especially men are excited about the new patterns being adopted in making wedding rings. For a very long time men had to do with wedding rings that didn’t really appeal to them. This was because the wedding rings were feminine in nature and appealed more to the ladies. In other situations, they had to take it off while working so as not to cause any damage to the ring. There are a whole lot of reasons why you would want to make use of the tungsten wedding rings rather than the conventional gold and silver ring. Below are some differences between tungsten wedding rings and other wedding rings.
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Tungsten wedding rings are much stronger than gold and silver wedding rings. As a matter of fact, it is stronger than gold and silver wedding rings put together. Tungsten is the second strongest material in the world right after diamond. As a result of the strength of tungsten, it is used in making top quality wedding bands that are not affected by regular forces. For example, you can carry out demanding jobs like working on a car engine without the need to remove your wedding ring. For those working in the quarry and spend a whole lot of time striking rocks, you do not have to put off your tungsten wedding ring to work. It takes a lot of effort to damage or scratch your tungsten wedding ring. A lot of people tend to struggle with scratches because gold and silver rings can easily be scratched but you don’t have to worry about that when wearing a tungsten wedding ring.


Be it rose gold, yellow-gold or even silver these rings cost a fortune. It makes no sense whatsoever to spend a fortune just to get a wedding ring. It is a whole lot cheaper to go for tungsten wedding rings as they make more sense. This could be one of the reason why the male tungsten wedding rings are in high demand today. You could actually get yourself a wedding ring without having to pay premium price for it.

Immune to color change

Wedding rings tend to tarnish overtime. The detergents used in cleaning the house and dishes and also the pesticides used for the flower beds can damage your wedding ring. This does not happen instantaneously, it takes time. The ring begins to change color. For example, silver wedding-rings easily get tarnished by products containing chlorine. What this means is that even activities like swimming with your wedding ring is going to have an adverse effect on your wedding ring overtime. This is because the ring would develop a silver chloride coating that does not look appealing. However, this situation is not applicable to tungsten wedding rings, as they do not get tarnished easily. They tend to retain their original look at all times. So there is no need to worry about wear and tear when putting on your tungsten wedding ring.


Variety is one of the hallmarks of tungsten wedding rings. This is as a result of its strength, it can be designed in several ways. Black tungsten wedding rings are also readily available. They are really lovely and usually stand out from all other wedding rings. You can also get variety with gold wedding rings but most time other precious stones are required to add more beauty to the wedding ring. This is why tungsten is head and shoulders above the rest. In terms of variety, be rest assured you don’t have anything to worry about. As a matter of fact, you have a lot of choice to pick from when choosing a tungsten wedding ring.
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I would be doing a lot of disservice to the tungsten wedding ring if I do not mention the fact that you can actually customize your wedding rings a lot easier if you are going for tungsten wedding rings compared to gold wedding rings. This is because of the strength of the substance, that is, tungsten. Gold and silver are quite soft compared to tungsten and this make it really difficult to work on sometimes. Tungsten on the other hand might be hard but it is also very malleable and easily customizable.


In summary, Tungsten wedding rings are very unique and provide a whole lot of brilliant advantages. They are just as good as gold and silver wedding rings. As a matter of fact, a lot of people prefer tungsten wedding rings due to the properties like variety affordability and strength that it has to offer.

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