Emerging Ring Trends: A Look at Tungsten Wedding Rings

Traditionally, diamond wedding bands were a preserve of brides’ engagement and wedding bands. Men’s wedding bands especially have been quite limited to very no-frills metal bands. However, as more couples are bringing their personality and personal style into their engagement rings and wedding band sets, grooms-to-be are breaking the wedding band mold with some new, exciting materials and details to make them uniquely theirs.

We take a look at the emerging tungsten rings trends for men.

What is Tungsten?

Tungsten is an unadulterated element that can be forged into unbelievably strong and durable alloys, usually including carbon --tungsten carbide alloys-- combined with nickel to create stunning rings. While pure tungsten is still predisposed to to scratches and other damage similar to other metals, tungsten carbide is four times stronger than titanium and nearly ten times stronger than eighteen-karat gold. This makes it Tungsten the hardest metal used for commercial jewelry. Therefore, it goes without saying that tungsten wedding rings would be particularly ideal for especially men involved with physical activities that might nick, scratch, or damage softer metals. Tungsten polish is typically considered permanent and will not wear off even after years of use.

Tungsten Wedding Bands

Strong, durable, and distinctive, black tungsten rings with bands are rapidly gaining popularity as sophisticated men's wedding rings. With a wide choice of styles available to suit any budget, any groom-to-be will be able to find the perfect ring to represent his new marital status.

The vast majority of tungsten wedding bands in the market are designed for men, with typical styles ranging from heavier and wider designs compared to traditional women's wedding rings. That however does not mean tungsten rings must be plain.

Diamond-Encrusted Tungsten Wedding Bands

Today, more and more grooms are embracing diamonds by adding black diamonds –-a low key, muscular alternative to the archetypal white diamonds-- to their wedding bands.

Diamond tungsten rings are a cool way to add some extra brilliance and intrigue to your wedding band. Oftentimes, black diamonds are used as an accent around the side or edges of the band.

Most jewelers do not routinely offer tungsten diamond rings and the best place to find a wide selection is through online merchants. Before completing a purchase, however, the couple should do their due diligence on the reputation of the business through the Better Business Bureau, published customer service policies and customer testimonials.


Because tungsten rings are brittle and prone to damage, they pose a challenge in resizing and repairing them. Merchants typically offer lavish lifetime warranties that comprise resizing, repairing, polishing, and other maintenance. Depending on the type of ring, shipping costs and a deductible may be charged --usually higher if encrusted with diamond or other gemstones or other intricate detailing. However, most warranties are voided if the ring is altered in any way, such as engraving or independent resizing.